My foreign friends suggested I feature a lesser-known band from the United States for this week’s MOTW. I present to you one of my favorite Indie rock bands: Jukebox the Ghost!

During my second year at university, my friend Jessi and I attended a Jack’s Mannequin concert at The Pageant. On the ticket it listed two other opening bands. One sounded promising–the other had the strange name Jukebox the Ghost. I remember looking at the name and thinking “well…this ought to be interesting.” Little did I know that the band with the weird name would have a show on par with the headlining act while the opening band with the more normal name was quite dull.  Jukebox the Ghost is a band with an optimistic sound that will make you smile. With a killer stage presence and a long list of fun songs, I highly recommend going to see Jukebox the Ghost in concert if you get the chance.

My other favorites by them include Somebody, Empire, and Hold It In. Feel free to check out their YouTube channel for more great music!


2 responses to “10.7.13 – 10.13.13 MUSIC OF THE WEEK: JUKEBOX THE GHOST

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